Client MassDevelopment / City of New Bedford
Location New Bedford, MA
Tags Cultural
Status In progress

Since the 19th-century building on the Keystone site collapsed in 2004, construction fencing has stretched the length of this now-empty lot — an unwelcome blight on an otherwise healthy stretch of one of downtown New Bedford's main streets.

OverUnder was hired to envision a temporary public use for the space while MassDevelopment engaged potential developers. Through a collaborative process with local stakeholders and businesses, we are proposing a covered market, playspace, and lounge area for residents and visitors alike. A covered greenhouse anchors the space at the center, with play space and food vendors flanking on either side. A modular system of vibrantly-colored welding curtains provides maximal programmatic flexibility.

  • Keystone Site Pop-Up
  • The greenhouse structure acts as a covered market, holding a modular system of transparent welding curtains for maximum spatial flexibility
  • Keystone Site Pop-Up
  • The currently vacant lot
  • Keystone Site Pop-Up
  • A workshop with local business owners and stakeholders yielded a wealth of information about what made downtown New Bedford special and what it was lacking.
  • Keystone Site Pop-Up
  • Workshop attendees were encouraged to propose their own preferred uses for the site